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JHM Management Services

JHM is powered by industry specialists who will protect your assets. We are proud to be a niche player. It’s our mission to offer customized programs run by highly trained specialists with a laser focus on your hospitality industry. The result is precision and specialization that will propel you to a new level of success in today’s competitive landscape. We presently own and operate 15 hotels, close to 2,000 keys.

Jiten Hotel Management professionals are experienced and accessible employees. Our highly trained associates in all hotels operated by JHM deliver exceptional service that both satisfy our guests and reduce hotel costs. We support our associates in finding the perfect balance between what they do and who they are. By encouraging associates to take initiative and responsibility for their own advancement, we empower them to own their outcomes—both personally and professionally.

Our Renovation group is a select team of associates with experience in every phase of hotel renovation. We can take over your new build project in any phase and turn it into a success story.

The Human Resource professionals on our team are focused on executing the legal trends and hiring practices to build the most successful and hardworking group possible. This is how we are and continue to be the premier top hotel company.

JHM focuses on above-average returns for each property we manage. We look to attain the best employees while seeking to maximize value for hotel owners and deliver outstanding guest services. Jiten provides centralized management services, while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, empowering hotel associates to take initiative and actively contribute to their success.

We empower our leaders with a perfect balance of robust growth opportunities, efficient resource management and chances for personal fulfillment. Come join us to grow your hotel business and customer satisfaction.

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