About Us

Over the past twenty years, Jiten Hotel Management has climbed the ranks to become one of the top hotel management companies in New England. JHM has received numerous awards from Marriott International, InterContinental Hotels as well as Choice Hotels International.

As a premier hotel management company, JHM can provide services of any and all aspects. Our experience includes but is not limited to turnkey accounting, payroll services, renovation, and franchise conversion. You can also trust us to excel at franchise conversions and provide human resourcing and legal consulting. We can successfully take over your new build project at any phase.

Our hotel management expertise and hands-on development has consistently produced above average returns for our hotels in New England. Our track record includes improving the bottom line of two hotels by 40% in the first full year after renovation.

We are particularly focused on delivering customer satisfaction in all our properties. Jiten Hotel Management guests rave over the personal attention they receive. Our personal touches and warm greetings exceed guest expectations and create returning customers.